Good News for Madrid's Hospitality Industry: Cancellation of the Ban on Outdoor Stoves

In an unexpected and very welcome turn for the Madrid hospitality sector, the Madrid City Council has announced the annulment of the regulations that prohibited the use of outdoor heaters on the terraces of hotels, restaurants and other establishments in the capital. This ban, which was scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2024, has been the subject of intense discussions and is now officially scrapped.

A Relief for the Madrid Hospitality Industry

The news has been received with great joy by businessmen and workers in the sector in Madrid. Outdoor heaters are an essential resource for many businesses, especially during the coldest months of the year, as they allow customers to enjoy terraces and open spaces in comfort.

The original ban proposal had generated significant concern among hospitality establishment owners in Madrid, who feared a significant negative impact on their businesses due to the loss of usable space and the need to invest in heating alternatives.

Safe and Permitted Use of Gas Stoves

With this decision, outdoor gas heaters continue to be a viable and completely legal option for businesses in Madrid. However, it is essential that establishments comply with all safety and maintenance regulations to ensure a safe environment for their customers and employees.

A Commitment to the Environment

Despite the ban's reversal, many in the industry recognize the importance of sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. For this reason, several businesses in Madrid are researching and adopting more ecological and energy efficient alternatives, seeking a balance between economic viability and environmental protection.


The revocation of the ban on outdoor stoves in Madrid represents an important relief for the city's hospitality industry. This policy change offers businesses the opportunity to continue operating as normal, while encouraging them to consider more sustainable practices for a greener future. Madrid's hospitality industry, a crucial sector for the life and culture of the city, shows its capacity for adaptation and resilience in the face of changes and challenges.