The importance of outdoor stoves in the hotel industry

It is known that the hotel sector does not like winter. This is because there are fewer tourists and therefore less income. In addition to that, they lose a lot of useful space because the terraces are not used due to the cold. However, placing Muztag outdoor gas stoves can solve this problem;

The logical thing would be to think that the clients sit on the terrace due to the heat of the stoves, which is true. But it is also because of the atmosphere they create and for being a focus of attention.

With some cheap stoves, usually of poor quality and ugly designs, they simply generate heat, but quality outdoor stoves such as those of the Muztag or Premium Fire brand, also generate a pleasant atmosphere and turn your terrace into a focus of attention. for anyone who passes in front of the terrace.

It is proven in billing that if the client is comfortable and in a warm environment, they will spend more time on the terrace. This in turn equals more drinks, ergo more income for the local. You could really say that Muztag gas stoves pay for themselves.

More interesting facts

Another aspect to take into account is gas consumption. In pyramid or mushroom-type outdoor stoves, consumption can go up to 1kg of gas per hour, since the heat is very powerful. However, being so high, half of the heat generated is wasted. With some Muztag stoves, due to their height, the heat is more at table height. In this way the same effect is achieved but consuming half the gas, approximately 0.5kg per hour. This makes it yet another reason to make the investment. You will save hundreds of euros on gas per season.

There are 2 reasons to make the investment and buy good Muztag or Premium Fire outdoor stoves:

1. They turn your terrace into a focal point. This means that you will get more customers and they will consume more.

2. They consume less gas than more traditional tall stoves. The investment will pay for itself over time.

You can check all the information on the Muztag and Premium Fire outdoor stoves on their official website: