The importance of outdoor stoves in the post-covid19 era

COVID-19 has caught us all by surprise, and has affected all sectors. One of the most affected sectors has been the hospitality industry, which has been forced to close its establishments for months. 

With the "new normal" restaurants have begun to open their doors again with limited capacity. Some have been lucky that the city council allows them to expand the space of their terraces. Logically, the population still seems to be afraid and avoid closed spaces, so restaurants without terraces have been much more affected. The restaurants with terraces, however, already have their terraces full and are taking advantage of the summer.

We believe that this will continue to be the case for much longer, and that it is therefore important to invest in the terraces since customers will only sit there. We believe that the outdoor stoves of the Muztag and Premium Fire brands create that warm and pleasant atmosphere that will make consumers prefer to sit on the terrace of your business and not in the next door. It will also make it easier for them to overcome the fear of sitting on a terrace today.

Until there is a vaccine and the fear passes, it is most likely that the turnover of restaurants will depend entirely on their terrace. Therefore, these must be reinforced for the cold season that starts from September-October and provide all the comforts for customers.

Muztag and Premium Fire outdoor gas stoves and heaters have already proven their effectiveness in attracting and retaining customers longer on the terraces of their businesses, and we believe they will be key to attracting customers in the post-covid era.

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