Luxury Retreats: Experience the elegance of our gas patio heaters at top hotels and restaurants

Imagine having a glass of good wine under the starry sky, surrounded by the refined atmosphere of a luxury hotel or a high-end restaurant. What could make this experience even more perfect? The answer lies in the warmth and comfort provided by our exquisite gas patio heaters. We take you on a journey through some of the most prestigious establishments in the world, where our stoves have found their rightful place.

1. Hotel Finca Cortesín – A Spanish gem: Located in the heart of Spain's Andalusian coast, Hotel Finca Cortesín is famous for its opulence and stunning views. Our patio gas heaters enhance the alfresco dining experience, ensuring guests can enjoy the Mediterranean breeze even during the coolest of nights.

Muztag gas stove in Cortesín farm

2. Hotel Punta Tragara – Overlooking the beauty of Capri: Located on the cliffs of Capri, Italy, Hotel Punta Tragara offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Our outdoor heaters complement the romantic atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy the charming scenery while staying warm.

3. Four Seasons Hotel in Taormina – The epitome of luxury: Recently crowned the best hotel in the world, the Four Seasons in Taormina, Sicily, is a luxury paradise. Our terrace gas heaters add to the magic of this enchanting place, where guests can enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with panoramic views.

premium fire stove in four seasons Taormina

4. Puente Romano and Marbella Club: the jewels of Marbella: Marbella, a playground for the elite, has two emblematic hotels: Puente Romano and Marbella Club. Our heaters adorn your terraces, inviting guests to savor Mediterranean cuisine in style.

5. Ritz Madrid - Elegance in the Spanish capital: Located in the heart of Madrid, the Ritz is synonymous with sophistication. Our patio gas heaters provide the perfect setting for guests to enjoy alfresco dining while exploring the vibrant city.

Ritz Madrid terrace heaters

6. Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino – Greece's seaside retreat: Greece's Costa Navarino is a seaside paradise, and the Mandarin Oriental adds a touch of luxury to this destination. Our stoves ensure that guests can savor Greek cuisine while enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean.

7. Hotel El Fuerte – Marbella's coastal paradise: Hotel El Fuerte in Marbella is a coastal paradise known for its stunning beachfront location. Guests can now enjoy Mediterranean charm from the comfort of our patio gas heaters, enhancing their seaside dining experience.

8. Villa Padierna Palace Hotel: The hidden gem of Benahavís: Located in the hills of Benahavís, Spain, Villa Padierna Palace Hotel is an exquisite retreat. Our patio gas heaters add warmth to your elegant outdoor spaces, allowing guests to enjoy the serene beauty of their surroundings.

9. Tivoli Hotels & Resorts: Lisbon's quintessential luxury: Tivoli Hotels & Resorts are synonymous with luxury in Lisbon, Portugal. Our gas terrace heaters create cozy outdoor spaces in your establishments, inviting guests to dine under the starry city sky.

terrace heaters tivoli Lisboa

10. Barceló Hotels & Resorts - The oasis of the Canary Islands: The Canary Islands are a paradise, and Barceló Hotels & Resorts has established a luxury oasis there. Our gas patio heaters add to the appeal of these island getaways, ensuring guests make the most of the tropical climate.


Our gas patio heaters have found their way into some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world, elevating the outdoor dining experience to new heights. Whether you're admiring the coastal views of Spain, the elegance of Italy or the charm of Greece, our heaters promise warmth and comfort in the lap of luxury. Join us to celebrate the fusion of design and functionality, making every moment unforgettable in these extraordinary environments.

With our gas patio heaters gracing these additional featured destinations, our company continues to create unforgettable outdoor dining experiences at some of the world's most prestigious hotels and restaurants.